Elgas Swap'n'Go Gas Bottle Service

You can swap over any 8.5 kg or 3.7 kg Gas Bottle at the Metung Village Store. The Elgas Swap'n'Go Gas Bottle Service is fast, safe and easy.

How it works

  1. Take your empty gas bottle into the Metung Village Store for checking and payment.
  2. Open the Swap'n'Go cage and swap your empty gas bottle for a full one. Make sure the full bottle you take has the yellow Swap'n'Go seal around the neck so you know that it has been checked for safety.
  3. Close the cage.

Swap'n'Go complies with all Australian Standards for caravan gas bottles. You never have to worry about checking test dates. All Swap'n'Go gas bottles are always in date. You can also be sure that it has been filled correctly and double leak checked.

What can be swapped?

  • You can swap any brand of gas bottle.
  • If you don’t have a bottle, you can buy one.
  • You can swap a gas bottle which is overdue for testing.
  • You can upgrade your smaller bottle to a larger one.

Gas Bottle Requirements

All gas bottles must meet certain safety standards, otherwise you will be required to purchase a replacement bottle.

Testing for Gas Leaks. The Soapy Water Test.

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